For Sale: Gently Used HOLGA 120 GCFN Medium Format Camera 1:8 f=60mm ($50)

Gently used HOLGA 120 GCFN Medium Format Camera 1:8 f=60mm (a Holga 120FN with color flash and glass lens).

Holga 120GCFN is a Glass Lens Medium Format Film Camera with built-in color flash. It produces the well known Holga style classic lo-fi photos with the shadowy vignettes, unpredictable light leaks and soft focus in your square shots. It can accommodate all 120 medium format films. The Holga 120GCFN package is provided with two different film size of frame masks, so that it can take both traditional and square format pictures. The Holga 120GCFN includes a built in flash with a spinning color wheel for your choice of red, yellow, blue or standard white flash. Two batteries are required for operating the built-in flash, but it can still take photo without batteries. Although the Holga 120GCFN is basically a fixed focus camera, it still offers four choices of object distances. Two choice of aperture are available: f/11 & f/8. The multiple exposure can be achieve by not advancing the film after a frame has been exposed. Fifteen camera body colors are available: Black, Blue, Camouflage, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Red&White, Silver, YRB, White, Yellow, Tri-Color A/B/C. Have fun with your Holga Film Camera!


Holga 120GCFN Medium Format Film Camera

Shoulder Strap

2 Frame Marks: 6×4.5 & 6×6

Lens Cap

English Instruction Manual


Glass Lens

Color flash wheel lets you choose the color of the flash

Bulb exposure selector for extra long exposures

Standard tripod mount

Revised format arrow

Includes now two frames for the 6×6 and 6×4.5 cm format!

Multiple exposures


Soft focus

Integrated flash can be switched on and off

Leaf shutter

TYPE: 120 Medium Format Film Camera

LENS: 60mm Glass Lens

SHUTTER: Leaf shutter, speed 1/100s

FOCUS: Adjustable, 0.9m to infinity

APERTURE: f/8, f/11

VIEWFINDER: Eye Level Direct

FLASH: Built-in Flash with 4 Colors Filter

DIMENSIONS: 140 x 102 x 76 mm

WEIGHT: 200g

COLOR: White

If you would like to purchase this, please email Thanks!


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